Boston, MA, USA, and Barcelona, Spain, March 14, 2024 – The Communications Strategy Group Inc. (CSG), a Boston-based life sciences corporate/financial communications and business advisory consultancy, and trifermed, a Barcelona- and Boston-based health sector corporate strategy and business development firm, today announced a strategic alliance. This partnership is poised to deliver unprecedented benefits and opportunities to clients of both trifermed and CSG, leveraging the strengths and networks of each organization to enhance service offerings across the Atlantic.

Professor Sergi Trilla, MD, MBA, trifermed Founder and Chairman, who in December 2023 announced the establishment of a Boston office, commented, “Our alliance with CSG, cultivated over a decade of collaboration, now formally strengthens our bond. Together, we are uniquely positioned to extend innovative business development opportunities to our clients. This collaboration is especially vital in a climate where traditional funding levels remain constrained, urging life sciences entities to explore alternative growth strategies, including partnerships, collaborations, and innovative financing.”

Ted Agne, Founder and President of CSG, remarked on the partnership, “Professor Trilla brings to the table a demonstrated record of business advisory success and deal-making prowess, underpinned by his comprehensive understanding of the life sciences sector across Europe and the US. Our alliance significantly amplifies our capacity to guide clients through diverse funding and development pathways.”

About trifermed

Since its inception in 2002, trifermed has been at the forefront of fostering collaborative partnerships and agreements within the global health sector. As a strategic and operational ally in both human and animal health, trifermed leverages decades of experience to meet and support its clients’ goals. Now, with teams based in Barcelona and a presence in Boston, trifermed is dedicated to driving innovation and facilitating international business in healthcare, establishing enduring relationships and partnerships.

 About The Communications Strategy Group Inc.

Established in 1987, The Communications Strategy Group Inc. (CSG) is a Boston-based consultancy with offices in Washington, DC, offering corporate/financial communications and business development services primarily to the life sciences, biotech, and medtech sectors. CSG plays a critical role in assisting and advising UK/EU companies seeking to penetrate the US markets.

CSG boasts a seasoned team of professionals with extensive expertise in life sciences communications, from new product launches to crisis management and M&A. The firm’s European partners include Zyme Communications, Cambridge, UK, and Cabinet Privé de Conseils s.a., Geneva.


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