trifermed Announces Expansion into North America with Operations Based in Boston

Boston, MA, USA, December 1, 2023 — trifermed, a specialist in corporate strategy and business development services for the health sector, is excited to announce the initiation of its operations in North America, with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. This strategic move is spearheaded by Prof. Sergi Trilla, MD, MBA, the company’s Founder, Chairman, and President, and represents a momentous step in trifermed’s mission to expand its global influence.

“After extensive preparation and a series of successful initiatives, trifermed is poised to bring its unique expertise to the vibrant health innovation ecosystem of the United States,” said Prof. Trilla. “Our new Boston hub will be instrumental in fostering closer connections within the heart of the industry and exemplifies our commitment to being where innovation thrives.”

In parallel with leading trifermed’s expansion, Prof. Sergi Trilla will continue to act as Chief Business Officer at Veru Inc. in an interim role. Dr. Mitch Steiner, Chairman, President, CEO, and Founder of Veru, remarked, “Sergi has been an integral part of Veru’s journey since 2018, contributing to our growth and success through various projects and roles. His expertise and strategic vision have been invaluable, and we support his endeavor to extend trifermed’s reach into North America.”

Prof. Trilla’s connection to the U.S. extends to academia as an Adjunct Professor at the ADA Forsyth Institute in Cambridge, MA, since 2020. Prof. Thomas van Dyke, Vice-President of the Institute, commended his contributions, stating, “Prof. Trilla’s dedication to translational research and international partnership development has been a great asset to our institute. His efforts have been instrumental in supporting our spin-offs, Nocendra and AIAH, and fostering global collaboration.”

Marta Fernandez, MD, Vice-President and Co-Founder of trifermed, shared her perspective on the expansion: “The establishment of trifermed in the U.S. is a natural extension of our vision and dedication to global healthcare innovation. Our commitment is underscored by a deep belief in trifermed’s potential to make a meaningful difference on a global scale.”

Honorary President Roy Bateman added, “Sergi’s leadership in this venture is a game-changer for trifermed, placing us in the heart of the most significant market in our industry. It is a move that resonates with our ambition to be where the future of health is shaped.”

Edward D. Agne, Founder and President of The Communications Strategy Group Inc., and an advisor with extensive experience in the life sciences sector, commented: “The decision to establish trifermed’s presence in Boston is a definitive step towards engaging directly with the hub of biotech innovation. Having collaborated with Sergi for a decade, I have seen firsthand his strategic acumen and dedication to excellence. trifermed’s expansion under his leadership is set to make a substantial impact on the U.S. market, and I am excited to witness the unfolding of this new chapter.”

Alain Van Loo, Founder of Assetive, with his extensive background in global business and capital investment, remarked: “Working with Prof. illa at Intrommune Therapeutics, I witnessed his ability to redefine corporate strategy and foster international relationships firsthand. His strategic insights are unparalleled. As trifermed launches in Boston, I am confident that Sergi’s guidance will elevate the company to new levels of innovation and success in the healthcare sector. Assetive and trifermed are in the process of defining collaborative pathways to extend both companies’ services, facilitating comprehensive landing strategies for businesses entering the complex U.S. market, from incorporation to fundraising and IPOs.”

Clark Dees, Head of Healthcare and Head of M&A at Teneo Capital, has collaborated with Prof. Trilla on various projects over the years. He shares his view: “Sergi’s strategic acumen and global network are remarkable. Our collaborations have always been marked by his innovative approach and ability to navigate complex international markets. The expansion of trifermed to Boston under his leadership is a strategic move that promises to bring a wealth of opportunities and a new dynamism to the healthcare industry. I have every confidence that this endeavor will be met with the success it truly deserves.”

Co-CEOs Ricardo and Daniel echoed this sentiment: “The synergy between our Barcelona team and the new U.S. operations is a blueprint for international success. We’re excited for the opportunities this will create for our clients and our team.”

The Barcelona base will continue to be the operational backbone for trifermed, supporting its international endeavors, while the Boston presence will forge closer ties with industry stakeholders and foster innovation.

About trifermed: Founded in 2002, trifermed has been responding to the health sector’s need for collaborative partnerships and agreements worldwide. Today, trifermed is a strategic and operational partner specialized in both human and animal health, supporting clients with their objectives and needs, and bringing value through experience.

With its core team based in Barcelona, trifermed is committed to expanding innovation and facilitating international business in the healthcare sector, creating long-term relationships, and forging lasting partnerships.

Prof. Sergi X. Trilla, MD, MBA Founder, Chairman, & President,
trifermed (Boston – Barcelona)
Phone: +1 (917) 310-3012
Address: Hub50House, 50 Causeway St, 28th floor, Suite 285, Suffolk County, Boston, MA 02114