CSG is pleased to welcome Heather Conover and Frank Pietrucha who will be working with us as Senior Consultants

A message from CSG President Ted Agne:

We are very pleased to welcome Heather Conover and Frank Pietrucha who will be working with us as Senior Consultants on healthcare and advanced technology issues, respectively.

After over 36 years running the company she founded in 1984 (as Conover + Company Public Relations), Heather has decided to close the doors to allow her to work on only a few projects in a more hands-on capacity, devote more to time volunteer work and enjoy more leisure time and activities with friends and family.

Heather and I have known each other for almost 30 years. She is a consummate professional and very talented in all phases of public relations and public affairs. Her opinions, advice and counsel have always been very helpful and valuable.

Frank, based in Washington, DC, is a digital-era communications specialist with over 20 years’ experience working for technology companies, government organizations and economic development interests. He is the author of a Washington Post best seller, Supercommunicator: Explaining The Complicated So Anyone Can Understand. He is also co-founder of INNES Worldwide, a Washington-based organization promoting tech innovation in Central and Eastern Europe. INNES assists European businesses in entering the US markets and American companies wanting to establish a foothold in the European Union.

We look forward to our new relationships with Heather and Frank.